Support, advocacy, and resources for mothers
experiencing postpartum mood disorders

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Coming Saturday, December 1st, 2018!

Postpartum tales - whitefish, mt

A storytelling workshop for mamas of any age who have experienced loss, trauma, or hardship during the perinatal period


core beliefs

we believe. . .

  • that every mother is doing her best

  • that every person who reaches out to us is courageous

  • that postpartum mood disorders are real

  • that postpartum mood disorders may be destructive and sometimes deadly

  • that postpartum mood disorders can be treated

  • that empathy, compassion, advocacy, and education are powerful tools to support families afflicted by postpartum mood disorders

  • that the path of motherhood looks different for everyone and that we can support mothers and families who need help acclimating to new roles

  • that mothers and families can learn to enjoy their new roles

  • in the power of community to provide support for mothers and their families in times of hardship caused by postpartum mood disorders

  • that mothers experiencing postpartum mood disorders are not weak, unprepared for motherhood, broken, or "bad moms"

  • that "even in the midst of their struggling, their worthiness is not on the table" ~Brene' Brown