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How we help

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The Circle

Postpartum Peer Support Groups

Postpartum Resource Group offers a free monthly peer support group for mothers who are experiencing postpartum mood disorders, including depression, anxiety, and OCD, and for mothers who are or have experienced loss, trauma, or hardship from pregnancy into the postpartum period. 

The Network

The Network consists of postpartum doulas certified through ChildBirth International and then further trained by Postpartum Resource Group. Our postpartum doulas provide home visits in order to help families withstand the trials of the postpartum season and specifically mood disorders.

Mother and Baby

Mother in Need

Our "Mother in Need Fund" offers a small monthly scholarship to help reduce some financial burden for things like counseling, self care, groceries, supplies for your baby, and other needs that we may assist with.

Apply below, and we will be in contact with you.

Mother In Need Fund
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