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Newborn Baby

The Network

Our Mission

To assist postpartum families by providing in-home doula services and community support. 

Our Vision

To raise the standard and reduce the burden of the postpartum season.

The Network consists of postpartum doulas certified through ChildBirth International and then further trained by Postpartum Resource Group. Our postpartum doulas provide home visits in order to help families withstand the trials of the postpartum season and specifically mood disorders.

A doula (or “woman who serves” in Greek) is a trained professional who provides support to the postpartum family.  Doulas are not medical practitioners and do not give medical advice or provide clinical care. Instead they provide knowledge, empathy, resources, compassion, and physical support. 


Services Offered

  • Emotional support and guidance for the whole family.

  • Screening for mood disorders and referrals if needed. 

  • Insight and suggestions into breast/bottle feeding, newborn care, bathing, soothing, sleep, etc.

  • Assistance with children so the mother can take a nap/shower/rest and care for herself. 

  • Light meal prep, tidying up, or infant laundry to make your environment more relaxing. 

  • Tips for physical recovery after birth.

  • A listening ear for you to process your birth or postpartum experience.

  • Encouragement and space for family bonding to take place. 

    Please note that the doula will not offer medical advice, examinations of the client or baby, or transportation.

We offer our services free of charge and based on referral. If you believe that you may be at risk for mood disorders or have already been diagnosed, please reach out to your physician and ask to be referred to us for a postpartum home visit. You may also reach out to us at  to see if we would be a good support for you." 

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