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Meet Our Doulas

A Doula (or “woman who serves” in Greek) is a trained professional who provides support to the postpartum family.  Doulas are not medical practitioners and do not give medical advice or provide clinical care. Instead they provide knowledge, empathy, resources, compassion, and physical support. 

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Morgan Winchester

My name is Morgan Winchester and I'm a south eastern native of the Appalachians but Montana called me home years ago. I am a mother and a wife. I am grateful for my two little girls and my incredible husband. I work as the Associate Director for Samaritan House, our local homeless shelter, here in Kalispell. I have a background of working in therapy and crisis with families over the last decade and this led me to ultimately working with our communities' vulnerable populations. In my free time you can find me in the woods, on a mountain, or by a river with my family. We are big advocates for spending time outside whenever and wherever we can. I was drawn to volunteering and working as a doula after experiencing and surviving postpartum anxiety with my first born. I was not educated or supported adequately postpartum and this led to debilitating stress on myself and my family. After learning about doula support I was able to get ahead of postpartum mood disorders with my second born and had a night and day recovery thanks to the support that was provided to me. I have always been called in my heart to support people in times of need and I truly care about making sure our communities' mothers feel loved and cared for in time of great transition of their lives.

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Heather Ewert-Dahl

My name is Heather Ewert-Dahl. I was born and raised in the Flathead Valley, MT.  I love being outdoors and working in my garden. I have two children, Lexi and Leroi. We live on a mountain top and we enjoy the freedoms that this lifestyle provides us.

I am a Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula. I am passionate about helping mothers and their families navigate the strange yet amazing postpartum period. Helping new moms that are struggling with mood disorders is close to my heart because I was once in that place and I remember how important the support of other women was to me. I love that the Postpartum Resource Group  is helping women realize that struggling with a mood disorder is not shameful and that a lot of mom’s struggle in the same way. Having a support system like this in the community is an amazing resource.

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Jessica Fulford

Jessica moved to Bigfork from southern California 12 years ago.  She met her husband Ben and they have been married for 10 years.  Even after all those years of marriage Jessica describes Ben as the most handsome, kind and generous man on the planet.  Together they have 3 beautiful boys, two in their arms and one waiting for them in heaven. Caleb, her oldest, just finished the second grade and Owen, the youngest, will start kindergarten in the fall.  Her middle son Jaron passed from an extremely rare genetic condition when he was only two days old.  

Jessica brings a special perspective to her work as a doula because she fought her own battle with postpartum depression after Caleb was born and experienced tremendous anxiety after Jaron passed away.  Jessica knows first hand what that uphill climb toward good mental health feels like and she wants other moms to know they are not alone.  She is double certified as both a postpartum and bereavement doula and feels honored to sit with postpartum moms and listen to their stories of bravery and struggle.  In her own words “My heart is to come alongside those who are hurting and walk with them on this difficult journey of parenthood.”

Her absolute favorite thing to do is hold a newborn baby.  

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Jacy Dowler

 Jacy was born and raised in the Flathead Valley. She lives on a small farm with her husband and three children raising chickens, pigs, and sheep. Her oldest son will be a senior at Glacier High School this fall, her middle a junior, and her youngest daughter will be starting sixth grade. She loves her family, her community, working on her farm, photography, and all things outdoor.

Jacy felt pulled to become a doula after her second son was born but she was never quite able to carve out the time to pursue it until now. She believes the pull to become a doula came from a desire to be able to provide new mothers with a support system similar to what she experienced when she was a new mom. Jacy feels fortunate to have had an incredible group of friends and family to lean on while navigating the pressures, challenges, and huge changes that came with motherhood. She is aware how easy it is for a new mom to feel isolated and alone when struggling with the expectations and challenges of being a new parent.

Jacy is looking forward to being a part of the Postpartum Resource family to come alongside and support our valley’s moms in their journeys of motherhood.

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Tara Johnston

Tara moved to Whitefish Montana in 2018 from a small town in Washington State. A good balance between family, work, community, physical health and connection to nature are important to Tara so you can always find her outdoors with her husband and two children Conrad and Logan.  Together they love skiing, biking, hiking, paddle boarding or just plain enjoying the Montana way of life. 

Tara was drawn to working as a doula after her own postpartum experience.  She felt that so many of her questions were dismissed with inaccurate or incomplete information and this ignited a passion for supporting other women through their postpartum journey.  She also brings unique skills to her doula service because she is a physical therapist who specializes in pelvic health with extensive education and experience facilitating mothers through physical recovery from birth.  

Tara believes the Postpartum Resource Group is a valuable resource and is honored to help support the families of our community through her work as a doula.

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Bethany Houser

Bethany is a well experienced doula who loves serving women and their families in the Flathead Valley.  She graduated from the University of the West Scotland with a Midwifery degree (2018) and is an expert in midwifery knowledge.  Bethany’s heart is to provide continual, unwavering emotional, physical and educational support through not only labor, but during the pregnancy and postpartum period as well.  

While in Scotland’s National Health Society, Bethany attended over 100 babies and supported countless women and their families during the birth process.  Her experience as a midwife includes normal spontaneous vaginal births, labor inductions, cesarean sections, vaginal births after cesarean section (VBAC) and instrumented deliveries and she has supported mothers through a wide variety of outcomes in both the hospital and home settings. She loves seeing mama’s come back to see her for their second and their third babies.  

Bethany’s overall desire is for women to feel safe, supported, educated and empowered in their birth choices.  

Outside of her doula services, she loves her family, the ocean and overseas missions.

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Angela Joy Boyce

Angela returned to Montana in 2013 with her family after spending time living in Michigan near her husband's family.  Growing up in the Flathead Valley Angela felt blessed and could not wait to return and raise her own family here. If Angela is not watching her oldest child play soccer you can find her camping, hiking, playing at the lake, preparing meals with her family, or soaking in a hot spring.

Angela has devoted her career to caring for others as a registered nurse, licensed massage therapist, natural therapeutics specialist, birth doula, and now postpartum doula. She first started working with women through therapeutic massage specializing in prenatal and postnatal bodywork. She is trained in prenatal and postnatal massage and bodywork, craniosacral therapy, reflexology, traditional Chinese medicine, acupressure and hot stone massage.  She received the title of Natural Therapeutics Specialist from the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics with training in various holistic modalities.  Her practice evolved to encompass birth doula services and for a while she trained with Fern Creek Midwives and Marcy Kuntz as a direct-entry midwife.  Angela realized the toll an on-call lifestyle would take on her family and chose to put her midwifery career on hold. Over the last decade she has attended over 100 births in her various roles and she came to realize that resources to support women during the postpartum period were an overlooked but essential part of the childbearing experience. As a postpartum doula she is very excited to expand her many years of experience to encompass this important gap in support.

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